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Employer’s Dispute Insurance

When an employer receives a tribunal claim from an employee, cost is always a concern. This is something that will affect businesses of all sizes but it is easy to see that dealing with this sort of claim can have a disastrous impact on many SMEs.  At Davenport Solicitors, we know that businesses are looking to minimise their risk and potential for exposure as much as they can. This is why we would suggest businesses to invest in Employer’s Dispute Insurance.

We know that Employment Tribunal proceedings can be costly, which may sway a firm’s ability to defend itself against a wide range of claims. Although we offer our services on a fixed fee basis, we also offer our clients Employer’s Dispute Insurance via an independent insurance company, so that they have the additional peace of mind that if in the unfortunate event, they receive a claim from an employee, they are protected.

This style of insurance, like most forms of insurance, is something that you would hope not to use but knowing that you have it in place will provide great confidence and peace of mind for all employers. We believe that having this insurance in place will enable your business to make the best decision based on their needs and the exact details of the claim as opposed to being concerned about the proposed costs of any claim.

The Employer’s Dispute Insurance includes the following:

  • Cover of up to £250,000
  • Cover for all legal fees
  • Cover for any awards and/or settlement

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