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Leave or Remain? – Big decisions tomorrow

Posted by Davenport Solicitors Team on July 27, 2016 in Immigration Law

Immigration is such a controversial issue, it’s one of those awkward topics like race, religion, culture and ethnicity, that most of us avoid discussing.  In recent days it seems both the Leave and Remain camps have gone into overdrive. Mud has been thrown by both sides.

The need for immigration is often driven by government failure. Steve Hilton has revealed that David Cameron was told by Whitehall officials 4 years ago that his immigration targets couldn’t be met! Politicians who promise policies they can’t deliver greatly undermine faith in our democratic system. This lack of trust is what’s fuelling the Leave campaign. There are so many things that the government could have done. It scrapped the migration impact fund, that gave extra resources to communities with higher levels of immigration. Instead it could have extended it: EU immigrants pay in more than they get back, and this money could have been ring-fenced for such an initiative. Instead of leaving English language services under-resourced, they could have funded them properly.

Of course it’s possible to deal with concerns over immigration without making impossible promises.

Immigration is undoubtedly a good thing for our economy, and for Britain in general. Migrants coming to Britain, to work, spend money and pay taxes in Britain creating more jobs and growing our economy, as well as enriching our culture. We often blame immigration for hurting jobs, taking houses or putting extra stress on our NHS, the root of these problems should be accurately blamed on a government that could choose to act to mitigate these if it wished. Immigrants have been made to be the scapegoat.

Will Britain the Leave campaign win tomorrow?  If it does, it will be the most dramatic consequence yet, of how far our faith in politics has been undermined – and we will all suffer for it.

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