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The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced on 9 August 2019, that he has instructed the Home Office and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to work with the scientific community to develop a new fast-track visa route for the brightest and best, with a view to launching it later this year.

The Prime Minister highlighted UK born inventions including the bicycle and lightbulb when he said that the new route will be designed to attract elite researchers and specialists in science, engineering and technology at all stages of their careers.

The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, echoed the Prime Minister’s statements when she said,“we want Britain to be the most prosperous economy in Europe with an immigration system that attracts the brightest and best global talent.

In order to attract the brightest, there have also been discussions to:

  • Abolish the cap on the number of exception talent visas issued each year
  • To allow dependants access to the labour market
  • To provide an accelerated path to settlement.

So, scientists who want to explore opportunities in the UK, watch this space for further information.

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