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Director’s Service Agreements and Contracts of Employment

Director’s Service Agreement Solicitors in London

It is vital to define the parameters of responsibility and relationship between the company and its directors. If the relationship turns sour and a director leaves, problems may arise in the workplace.

If you’re keen to protect your business needs without causing harm to your working relationships, having a Director’s Service Agreement in place can help you resolve workplace issues quickly.

For assistance and advice with a Director’s service agreement, call 020 7903 6888 or e-mail us at contact@davenportsolicitors.com.

What is a Director’s Service Agreement?

Director’s Service Agreement is a comprehensive employment contract that sets out an individual’s rights and obligations as a director and employee of a company. It plays a crucial role in resolving workplace disputes and protecting a business.

At Davenport Solicitors, our employment solicitors for employers have extensive experience in drafting Director’s Service Agreement for various organisations. We will ensure that provisions are in place for a number of eventualities, including factors such as notice periods and restrictive covenants.

To get started with your director’s service agreement, contact us. Please call 020 7903 6888 or e-mail us at contact@davenportsolicitors.com.

How Davenport Solicitors can help you with your Director’s Service Agreement

If you want our assistance, we will:

  • Draft a Director’s Service Agreement
  • Review a Director’s Service Agreement
  • Advice on the terms of a Director’s Service Agreement

Are you employed as a director and looking for advice on your contract? Visit our page relating to Negotiating Employment Contracts here.

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