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Employment Law Advice for Start-ups

There are many challenges when starting and scaling up a new business. You must ensure that you provide your staff with the correct employment contracts and ensure you have a staff handbook in place.

Employees must be provided with their written terms of employment before the date their employment commences. There are different types of contracts of employment including fixed-term and casual. There are legal requirements when preparing a contract of employment as to what the contract must include and a failure to include the required terms may give rise to an employment tribunal claim. Find out more about the employment documentation services we provide here.

You must ensure that you keep on top of the ever-changing employment law legislations so that you are protected against potential employment tribunal claims.

The Start-up Employment Law Advice fixed fee package

At Davenport Solicitors, we understand the complexity of these challenges and we understand that time and costs are limited resources for a start-up or small businesses. We have therefore customised our Start-up Employment Law Advice fixed fee package to help you navigate the complex minefield of employment law and manage the costs associated with it. The Start-up Employment Law Advice fixed fee package is provided on a fixed monthly fee with no hidden costs.

At the outset, we will discuss your start-up business requirements and advise you on your legal obligations. We will then help you put in place the required documents to ensure that you are compliant with UK employment legislation.

What are the benefits of using our Start-up Employment Law Advice package?

Outsourcing your HR to one of our tailored start-up packages will:

  • Ensure you have HR policies and procedures in place
  • Provide you with a staff handbook and employment contract for your employees
  • Provide you with a telephone legal advice line, which allows you up to 30 minutes telephone legal advice per month
  • Protect your organisation
  • Manage the risk and costs associated with being an employer
  • Help you grow your business
  • Provide legal advice for Business Start-ups and Scale-ups

We support start-up businesses of all sizes, including UK scaleups, Tech Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Growth Companies. Our experienced employment lawyers work with start-ups and small businesses on all employment law matters, including advising on employee rights at the start of the relationship and after two years.

In addition to assisting start-ups by drafting their employment documents, we also help them with perfecting their onboarding process. We ensure that employers have considered the practicalities associated with hiring, including any hardware required, the organisation of software training, and internal processes.

We also advise businesses through their recruitment stage to ensure they’re compliant with the law, as acts of discrimination can take place during the interviewing process, which may give rise to an employment tribunal claim.

We assist businesses future growth and discuss their employment needs, for example, whether a consultant may be more appropriate than an employee. Consultants are more flexible than employees and do not accrue the same rights, however, they may demand higher fees. Where a consultant is required, we can draft a tailored consultancy agreement to protect the business.

To find out more about the employment law advice we offer for start ups, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation here.

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Employees and workers begin to accrue holiday leave and pay as soon as they commence work. However, the terms on which an individual is engaged by an organisation, will affect how much leave, and therefore pay, they would be entitled to: https://bit.ly/3lKg1KE


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