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Global Mobility and Immigration Lawyers for Employers in the UK

At Davenport Solicitors, our international mobility and business immigration lawyers work closely with employers in the UK to help them employ overseas workers and manage mobility and immigration issues effectively. We understand that your organisation wants to employ the best professionals for the job and we can help you achieve this. If you’re an employer looking for advice on international mobility, contact our experts here.

We will assist you throughout the recruitment and sponsorship process, from advising on pre-arrival formalities to advising on post-arrival formalities. Our service is built around good communication, speedy response and practical solutions tailored to your needs.

If you would like to recruit an overseas worker, you would be required to obtain a sponsor licence if you have not got one already.  We are on hand to provide you with sound advice on all aspects of the sponsorship licence application. Through our audit, compliance and due diligence services, we will assist and train you to meet the sponsorship criteria in the UK and comply with Home Office requirements.

It is important when recruiting overseas employees that employers ensure they have checked the employees right to work in the UK. Employing an illegal worker may be a criminal offence, and employers who are found to be employing illegal workers can receive a fine of up to £20,000 for each illegal worker.

How Davenport Solicitors can help you with hiring overseas workers in the UK

Obtaining the right to recruit overseas employees can be a long, daunting process with time constraints. Therefore, it is crucial that the right application is made at the right time. Our expert immigration lawyers have experience in working with businesses to understand their needs and ensuring that a clear timeline is in place. Our lawyers can also speak to the applicant to ascertain their long-term plans to advise on the best visa route.

If you instruct us for advice and assistance, we will:

  • Advise you on how to apply for a sponsor licence, so you can employ workers from outside the EU.
  • Adapt your HR processes to make sure you are compliant with the Home Office’s requirements.
  • Ensure your contracts of employment and staff policies are appropriate and up to date
  • Carry out mock Home Office audits to help you implement systems to keep correct records and comply with the strict reporting duties required under a sponsorship licence and prepare you for Home Office compliance audits.
  • Implement or refine your processes and procedures so that they are in line with immigration laws and policies
  • Advise you about issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Help you to manage the sponsorship process by acting as your appointed Level 1 or Level 2 user
  • Manage the smooth transfer of staff from your overseas branch to the UK
  • Advise you on permanent UK settlement for your employees
  • Assist your employees and their families on initial entry and extension applications
  • Train you about legal and procedural changes

If you’re a business looking for advice on international mobility, contact our experts here.

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