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Staff Handbook and Contract of Employment Advice for Employers

Having well-drafted employment documentation including employment contracts, staff handbook, and policies in place, not only ensures legal compliance but also plays a fundamental role in protecting the interests of a business. More importantly, it sets out the relationship between employers and employees. At Davenport Solicitors, our experts are on hand to provide staff handbook and contract of Employment advice for Employers. Contact us here to find out more.

Why draft employment documentation?

The law requires than every employee is provided with “a written statement of key terms” (contract of employment) before or on the date their employment commences and dictates what should be included.

The law also dictates what should be included, such as the place of work, the title and nature of position, remuneration and how the contract can be terminated. The terms in the contract of employment are legally binding and a breach of the terms may give rise to an Employment Tribunal claim. If an employer wants to change a term of the contract of employment, they must consult with employees.

A staff handbook, or employee manual, communicates the policies and guidelines that defines the culture and day-to-day operation of the employer. It is typical for a staff handbook to include HR policies, such as how to raise a grievance, how the employer will take disciplinary action, and sick leave. It should also be tailored to the industry and include instructions on issues such as a dress code, health and safety and probation. Staff handbooks are not legally binding and therefore can be changed.

Documentation setting out the employment relationship provides a written record of the relationship that may be required where difficulties arise between employers and employees. A contract of employment and staff handbook will set out the Company procedures for example, disciplinary action and redundancy.

How can we help?

Davenport Solicitors offer expert legal advice on the terms of various employment documentation. With our assistance, you can be confident that all your employment contracts, procedures and policies are up-to-date and comply with UK employment law.

Looking for staff handbook and Contract of Employment advice for employers? With a comprehensive understanding of your business objective and goal, we will work with you closely, to draft your employment documentation to meet your business needs. From drafting to implementing and reviewing employment documents, our employment lawyers and HR specialists will assist you through every step to make sure your employment documentation is “fit for purpose” so you can run your organisation effectively. Contact us today to find out more.

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