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Employment Law Advice for Employers

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Given that employment law underpins virtually every aspect of business life, it is understandable that many businesses face legal issues that require expert employment law advice. Davenport Solicitors is a modern and forward-thinking law firm based in London, specialising in employment law and business immigration law.

Our experience of working with both employers and employees enables us to fully understand the needs and requirements of all parties. This helps us to advise you on a realistic outcome and the most effective way it can be achieved. Unfortunately, there are occasions, where no matter how much caution a business has taken and despite following the correct procedures, it is often faced with defending a claim at the employment tribunal.

We help in resolving employee disputes in the best interest of our clients in a hassle-free manner. We are committed to providing expert legal representation for SMEs and start-ups across all industries. We adopt a robust and fearless approach when defending our clients in dealing with disputes and conflicts in the workplace.

We also provide the following services to employers:

Settlement Agreement

A settlement agreement is a legal contract between an employer and employee to resolve a dispute and/or dictate the terms on which the employment terminates. We can prepare a bespoke agreement to resolve the parties issues and ensure confidentiality.

Redundancy and Restructuring

Where a business needs to save costs, we can advise on the available options including a potential company reorganisation, and where a position is no longer required or a workplace or business is to close, the redundancy procedure employers are obliged to follow.

Employment Disputes & Tribunal claim

We understand that an Employment Tribunal can be a daunting prospect. We can help you understand the claims against you, the merits of your position and your available options. We will provide sound commercial advice and help you deal proactively with the dispute.

Advice on TUPE

TUPE rules protect employees’ rights in a business transfer and service provision transfer situations. We can advise the seller or buyer of a business of their legal obligations and provide clear, practical guidance on executing the TUPE process.

Employment Contracts

It is a legal requirement for an employer to provide their employees with a written statement of terms of their employment which gives both the employer and employee certain rights and obligations. We can prepare tailored contracts of employment to suit a businesses specific needs, for all levels of employees.

Disciplinary and Grievances

Where an employee raises a grievance or is subject to a disciplinary procedure, there is a process that must be followed. We can advise employers on the process they must follow, the individuals who should be involved and the available outcomes.

International Mobility

We understand that organisations want to employ the best candidates for vacant positions. Our international mobility and immigration lawyers can advise organisations on how to employ overseas workers and manage immigration issues effectively.

In-house Training

With the aim to protect businesses from potential employment tribunal claim, we provide employment law training on various topics, to assist employers with keeping up to date with ever-changing employment laws and procedures.

Protecting your Business

Davenport Solicitors offers an Employment Dispute Insurance to cover employers’ legal expenses of defending themselves in tribunal proceedings, which is provided by an external independent insurance company to protect them from tribunal claims.

Director’s Service Agreements

We can prepare a Director’s Service Agreement, a comprehensive employment contract which sets out an individual’s rights and obligations as a director and employee of a company. It plays a crucial role in resolving workplace disputes and protecting a business.

Our Business Immigration solicitors can assist employers who would like to recruit overseas nationals, as well as overseas companies wanting to establish a presence in the UK. Our expert immigration lawyers understand that each business is unique and provide tailored advice to simplify the time-consulting and frustrating UK visa process.

HR departments have a vital role in ensuring that the ever-changing complexities of employment law are implemented within organisations. We offer external HR support and packages to assist with managing the policies between employees and the management of the company and the day to day queries they receive.

Our employment law solicitors will remain by your side through all your workplace legal challenges

No matter what the work-related legal issue is that you need representation on, we have the expertise to fully support and safeguard your business, minimise risks, save you time and money, and achieve the successful outcomes you want.

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“Davenport Solicitors is a specialist employment and immigration law firm based in London. We help businesses of all sizes, from large corporates to SMEs and start-ups, as well as HR professionals, on all aspects of employment law and business immigration.”

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